Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Customer Service At Dunkin Donuts!

I just needed to blog about the best customer service I have received in a long time!

I met up with a friend at the Dunkin Donuts on Washington St in Weymouth (Weymouth Landing on Rt. 53). We sat there and talked for a little bit while we had a bite to eat and coffee. I had my almost 2 year-old with me. As we were wrapping up, I grabbed my little guy and he threw his arm back with sippy cup in hand and knocked over my coffee! Oh dear! It was only about 1/4 full at that point, but still made a mess. I hate when stuff like that happens.

Now if I worked there, I would have been mad and probably thought to myself "Oh you stupid lady! What did you do??" But the 3 workers I encountered were the nicest people ever. One girl jumped at the chance to get me a new coffee (even though I told her not to and that it was almost all gone anyways). The counter lady made a comment about us all being there at one point. The high school kid mopping up told me that he cleans up spilled coffee all the time and not to worry.

I seriously was so impressed with how nice everyone was. And it was like genuinely nice - or else they are all really great actors. The extra coffee was a killer bonus - and although def. not needed, much appreciated. This is why I love Dunkin Donuts.


Katidids said...

They are sooooo good! Did you know all the calories are in the holes? Yep, they all go to the center and knowck them out in the holes!.....Jelly donuts...if you suck the jelly out first it counts as a fruit and since the are hollow, you got it no calories!.....well thats my story & I'm sticken to it!

Bargain Becky said...

I thought DDs was a calorie free establishment? That's why I go there!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Weymouth and often went to that Dunking Donuts on my way to work. So nice of you to give them a shout out. BTW the way - LOVE your blog. I'm new to coupons and you've helped me a bunch! Thanks so much.

Kelly M from Whitman

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks for the comment Kelly and hope I'm not too confusing for you with my couponing!

I think I've stated it before somewhere along the lines, but 92% of my Shaw's trips are at the Weymouth Shaw's!