Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DiGiorno Free Flat Bread Sandwich - Rip Off!

So - I guess I signed up to get a coupon for a free DiGiourno Flat Bread Sandwich at one point in time. I got my coupon in the mail this past Saturday (which was 8/15/09). I just threw it in my coupon holder. I was starting a potential small list of things for Shaw's today, so I thought "Oooh! I'll get this Free DiGiorno Flat Bread thing before I forget about it." Then I noticed it expired on 7/19/09! What?? Why bother with that? I'd love to meet the marketing genius who came up with that one! DiGiorno - you waste postage and potential customer's time doing stuff like that. In the recycling bin it went. No DiGiorno Flat Bread Sandwiches for us!


Anonymous said...

Becky, we got these along time ago, they had a short expiration date , about 2 weeks, yours must have gotten lost in the shuffle, becaude I signed everyone in the family up and they all got one! Sorry, and they were oh so yummy!

Bargain Becky said...

Ha ha Marilyn! I guess I should redirect my anger at my mailman! Glad you guys enjoyed yours! Thanks!

Eden said...

yeah mine came a while back with about a 2 week expiration date too. sorry about that!