Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mother Nature is So Disgusting!

I went out and shredded some newspapers I had laying around for my garden. After I laid the newspaper, I just looked around the garden to see what was up. I have had a few more zucchinis - so I'm probably at about 8 in total so far - with the promise of more to come.

I found the mother of all slugs near a zucchini plant! It's so disgusting and these pictures do not do it justice. I used my kid's shovel to grab it. I put it in the middle of my incredibly hot and very sunny driveway. It's probably inhumane and I hope PETA doesn't read this, but I'm really mad at all the slugs that have been eating my zucchinis up! I would have dozens by now if it weren't for these stupid things!

It's like 3-4 inches long. DISGUSTING!

Why would God ever create something so disgusting and so ugly? Ugh. Enjoy the hot driveway Slug! Tell all your little friends to leave my zucchini alone!


Together We Save said...

I hate slugs! Gross. I am very inhumane. I sprinkle salt everywhere to kill them and keep them away.

Katidids said...

If you spray the plants with a solution of dish soap,,,,about 1 good squirt in a spraybottle of water it cuts down on the slugs & snails...they cant attach...just wash vegies before for us! Hope this helps...if you know how to keep deer out of the garden PLEASE let me know. To bad its not hunting season!

Katidids said...

OPPS! At dusk and no bleach dish soap,,Joy works wonders

Tanya said...

That is one creature I do not miss seeing! I think it's too cold here in ND for them to really survive but when we lived in WA the were everywhere!! I sprinkled Sluggo over all my plants - hate those things!

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks Katidids! I do a pepper sauce spray now - but they keep coming back.

I used to live in WA too - I never remember seeing them, but then again, I wasn't gardening there! ha ha!