Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Garden Today!

I braved the rain this morning and took a few pictures of the garden! It's coming along nicely!

Here is the big picture. As you can see, I have a lot of shredded newspaper down. It has been decomposing fast. I built up the areas around the plants just two months ago and they are already low and blah. I just keep adding more newspaper every week. I seriously don't have that many weeds at all. A few here and there - but they come out so easily. I also have a lot of bare spots in the garden due to death and whatnot. Hopefully I'll more plants next year (that won't die on me).

I have my first red tomato coming!

Zucchinis are a spouting! This is Gretchen! Gretchen and her cousins were planted from seed so I love them a little more than my tomato plants. Sorry tomatoes.

My Grape Tomato plants are growing so big! I grew these from seed as well - and I honestly didn't think they would take. It's amazing!

Here are my kids' pumpkin plants! These too came from seed.

The cucumbers seem to be doing okay. I bought these at a local nursery (Penniman Hill Farm in Hingham, MA). They were pretty much dead for a long time, but somehow came back to life.

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Millie said...

Oh!! You have planted best stuff in your garden... All those are looks very useful...