Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peapod IGoogle Gadget!

Peapod has launched a Gadget to make Peapoding easier! Click HERE to get Peapod on your webpage or IGoogle account. Although I wouldn't do Peapod on a weekly basis, I do think it would be a good choice if you are in a jam, are disabled, are elderly, just had a baby or even near the holidays.

Peapod is a delivery service that is offered through Stop & Shop. If you make a purchase, you will get a code that offers FREE delivery for the next 60 days after your initial purchase (well, a $6.95 credit - which is the delivery charge for any order over $100). Remember too, Peapod does accept MFCs! There are some great offers offered through the website that are not offered at Stop & Shop. Most of the meat advertised on sale at Stop & Shop is on sale for the same price on Peapod. Go ahead - give it a shot!

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