Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Getting Sloppy - Random Purchases the Past Few Days!

I did a few shopping trips the past few days. No pictures. No details. I'm just busy but in the process of getting "unbusy."

BJ's Trip on Thursday:
Total Spent: $33.03
Total Saved: $8.99

Notable Coupons Used:
-Buy Burgers and Buns, Get $5 off (Burgers were $14.99 for 18, Buns were $1.99)
-Buy 3 Nestle 30 pack Waters, Get one Free (At $3.99, I ended up getting 120 bottles of water for $11.97. We shouldn't have to buy bottled water for a LONG time).

Stop & Shop Trip on Thursday:
Total Spent: $28.87

I don't remember using any coupons. Bought mostly produce.

CVS Trip on Saturday:
Total Spent: $15.74

We went to Cape Cod and I forgot to pack swimmie diapers! No good for the pool/beach! I also had to buy some candy ($6 worth of candy!).

Stop & Shop Trip on Sunday:
Total Spent: $4.79

1 pack of Juice Boxes
1 bottle of Stop & Shop Apple Juice

Lack of proper planning costs money! If I didn't forget the swimmie diapers and brought extra juice boxes, I would not have spent $20+. I doubt we would have gone to CVS just for candy. It's always an impulse purchase.


Paula said...

Its hard sometimes because you just buy the items and you keep thinking if I had my coupons or if I had just brought this or that...

Sometimes you have to just put that all behind you. Otherwise it will drive you crazy...the what ifs..

homeschool mamma said...

Ditto Here Becky. Budget is blown. Cookouts are killing us and sending the husband to the store is never a good idea in this house.