Saturday, July 18, 2009

Apologies to my Roche and Hannaford Friends!

I must take off for our one day vacation! I did not get a chance to do the Roche and Hannaford flyers! Roche looks really good - some good front page deals.

If you go to Hannaford's on Sunday, you can score yourself 2 Edy's Ice creams at $2.50 ea and they'll give you Free cones to boot. If you buy 2 more, I think you get the $2.50 price, but not the free cones. Then, print out THIS REBATE FORM. You can get $4 back via mail. I think all 4 Edy's products have to be on one receipt but I'm not quite sure. The form keeps referencing "receipt" and not "receipts" - although I do not see any fine print saying that all 4 HAVE to be on the same receipt. Thanks Teresa in Maine for pointing this out! This offer expires 7/19 - so it will only work if you are going shopping on Sunday at Hannaford's!

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