Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Total Before Savings: $32.05
Coupons Used: $2
ECBs Used: $1.50
Cash OOP: $13.09

2 Purex Complete - BOGO @ $8.99 ea ($2/1 MFC) (Get a Coupon for $1/1 HERE)
2 CVS Children's vitamins - BOGO @ $5.49 ea
1 King Size M&Ms - $1.11
1 Box Red Dollars - $1

- I just wanted to try these sheet things. They look cool. Not exactly thrifty, but I like weird stuff like this.

- My kids really need to be taking vitamins. I read an article recently that said "Ususlly, kids who actually take vitamins are the kids who actually don't need to be taking vitamins". I think this was assuming that parents who are conscious enough to give their kids vitamins are those who feed their kids healthy to begin with. I want to prove this statistic wrong!

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