Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making Up My Own Rules...Again!

So. I was talking to a friend about my grocery spending and I mentioned how I went over by about $15 this month. We talked about some recent purchases and she asked me why I was counting my fake crocs in my grocery spending. Then I thought, "yeah! Why am I?" I mean, it was a CVS purchase, but it was more of an apparrel purchase. If I bought shoes and Goldfish at Target, I wouldn't count the shoes. So I subtracted $12.80 from my total (the price of the 2 pair of shoes). Now I'm at $417 for this month and since my average I aim for is $416, I am happy. The best part of having your own blog and your own challenges is that you can just make up your own rules! It's great!

1 comment:

Katidids said...

Thats not fudging the rules, you cant eat them! or clean with them right? Awesome keeping the budget that low