Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I didn't take a picture because things are crazy here. Plus, I think there is something wrong with my USB cable. I might be short on pictures for the next week - the in-laws are coming and taking pictures of my groceries might be a little too much for me - and them. They already think I'm kind of weird - so this may put me over the top! Only kidding!

Here's my run last night:

TOTAL: $53.92

1 pack of Nutty Bars - $2.99 (these looked so good. I had to have them)
1 2-pk of BJ's Apple Juice - $4.69
3 quarts of Half & Half - $1.99 ea
1 1200 ct box of Sweet & Low Packets - $10.99 ($1.00 instant coupon) $9.99
2 pk Wonder Kids Bread - $3.19
1 pack Hamburger Rolls - $1.99
1 pack Hot Dog Rolls - $1.99
1 18 pack Sirloin Hamburgers - $14.99 (I bought the good stuff for the in-laws - have to keep them on the good side! ;) )
1 gallon of 1% milk - $2.11
2 dozen eggs - $2.49
1 lbs Land O'Lakes American Cheese - $3.52

- So yeah. The Nutty Bars. They just looked so good staring at me as I was heading to the bread. I ate a pack in the car on the way home. They are divine.

- Sweet & Low. I'm almost out. Now I guess a true "frugal" person would just steal them from restaurants and whatnot. a. We don't go to restaurants. b. I drink more coffee with Sweet & Low in it than I'm capable of stealing.

- Gearing up! My husband's mother and family are coming to visit from South Carolina tomorrow for a week. Since I really don't like to cook - I'm hoping we have good weather for most of their visit so I can throw things on the grill. We're sitting on a bunch of hot dogs, 6 lbs of chicken, these hamburgers, still more hamburgers from when I bought a ton of ground beef. I love to grill!

So I blew my $416 goal for this month but that's okay. It's for a good cause. In-laws.

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Katidids said...

But your adding more people to the budget right? LOL I can justify just about anything!