Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Can't There Be Funny Grocery Store Ads?

I really like oddly funny ads. I guess it's just my personality. For instance, I don't find movies like Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber funny. I find them stupid. But I find the show Curb Your Enthusiasm hysterical. I find Dunkin Donut ads really funny. I LOVE the Mentos commercials. Honeycombs just came out with this odd campaign featuring this really disgusting looking "Bee Boy". I find it odd and interesting. I'm tempted to buy some Honeycombs due to that ugly beastly boy thinking he's a bee. So as I watched that commercial last night, I thought "Gee - so many stores and products have odd or interesting ad campaigns - why don't supermarkets?"

I really haven't seen that many Shaw's commercials. Every now and then I'll see something on the screen promoting some sale they are having - but it must be if we're watching a local cable channel. Stop & Shop had this one campaign for a while that featured different types of people who shop Stop & Shop. I found them boring and dull. They were all perfect little families and it was just boring.

I don't know if it's just my personality and my inability to take most things seriously that makes me think of these crazy things. Or maybe it's just my generation who's wild and out of control. Word up for us crazy kids who grew up in the 80s!


Kara said...

Those Stop & Shop commercials were just awful. The ones with the yuppie parents talking about how they needed to save money, while living in GORGEOUS big new construction houses? I don't think I've ever seen a Shaw's commercial... but then, I have DVR, maybe I've just skipped them :-)

Bargain Becky said...

Oh yes Kara! Those S&S commercials were disgusting! I just remember this one mother who was a teacher and her husband was a teacher. Talking about buying diapers at Stop & Shop. Who in the world buys diapers at the grocery store! They are outrageously priced there (except for when they are part of some catalina).

I want to see the single mother living in a triple decker trying to make ends meet on the commercials!! Yuppies were so 1992. Bring on the broke people!

Shaw's doesn't do many commercials. I saw one around Easter time.

MaryAnne said...

We never watch live TV and so don't see many ads, but I'm all for them being funny, especially if it's British-type humor (not the Ace Ventura/Dumb & Dumber variety)