Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Pimped Out Shaw's On BzzAgent!

2 days ago, I pinched a nerve in my neck. Or I did something to my neck. I have no idea what really. I just know it kills to move my head. So I've been laying here - trying to occupy my kids in my invalid state.

Yesterday afternoon, I had both down for a nap and I was updating stuff on Bzzagent.com. I noticed they have what they call "BzzScapes". Pretty much every product, store, etc. is featured. If it isn't, you can create a Scape for it. So I found a Shaw's one and I pimped it out. Pretty much, you just list links relating to the product or store.

If you need a fast reference to all things Shaw's - check out the Shaw's BzzScape by clicking HERE. If you know of other links, either add them yourself if you're a BzzAgent or let me know and I'll add more. I'm just laying here like a slug in the hopes that this problem of mine goes away!!

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