Monday, June 8, 2009

Garden Growth & Newspaper Mulching!

I haven't taken pictures of my garden growth lately. So here we go...

I surprisingly still have some grape tomato plants growing from when I planted a bunch from seed. I thought these would just die like the others, but they held on! What little troopers!

Newspaper mulching is going slowly but surely! I've probably shredded about 8 Sunday paper's worth. I'm not even half way finished. It's a very slow process - but for me, it's really relaxing. I equate to how some women like knitting. Of course, shredded newspaper takes absolutely no skill or finesse. But the feeling of relaxing is what I assume crafty women who knit feel. Oh so back to my plants - the tomatoes aren't doing as well as I had hoped -but we had a few very cold nights recently. There are a few small tomatoes already forming though. Surprisingly, some cucumbers have magically popped back to life. Those are surrounding the tomato plant inside the box there.

Here are my squashies! I'm not sure which are yellow squash and which are zucchini. These are the lone survivors from my seed planting in April.

This is my pride & joy. I've documented her in the past too. I'm pretty sure this is a yellow squash. I think she'll do me proud (I've got to pull that weed to the left...). I will name her Gretchen and take more pictures exclusively of her.

So my take on newspaper mulching? It takes a bunch of time - I'll probably blow out the motor of my paper shredded which will defeat the purpose of saving money. Oh well. The true test will come when I check the soil next spring to see if it's rich and all that other happy jazz. Align LeftAnyone else out there newspaper mulching?


Katidids said...

Thank You!!! I wa gong to cover newpapers with soil...this is much better. Shredding would be a bit more theraputic also!

Paula said...

I think the newspaper will make the soil great. and you are doing a great job too.

I have to go take a few pictures as soon as I get time and some new batteries. My area is huge with growth.

Keep up the great work...cant wait to see gretchen grow. lol

BECKY! said...

Thanks Paula! We'll see! My soil is pretty blah now. It's amazing how fast plants grow (when they are thriving that is!).

Kat - I seriously find it very theraputic to just shred piece after piece. It's weird.