Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Going To CVS Today!

I haven't really been in CVS for a long time. Well I ran in last week to get my husband's prescriptions - but I haven't been to score some stuff lately. I'm going today because I have $6 ECBs to blow and a $10 off $50 I need to use. Rumor around the blog world is that $10/$50s are spitting out for lots of people at the coupon center (price checker).

So what am I going to buy? SoyJoys and Always? No. I'm probably going to stock up on batteries for the most part. We are down to pretty much nothing. I stocked up well during that awesome "Spend $20 on Duracell, get $15 ECBs" a while ago. I thought about grabbing some Huggies - but I don't think it's worth it. Why?

A pack of Huggies is on sale for $8.99 ea. There are a bunch of $1.50 coupons in my stash - so $7.49 a pack. Assuming I go just over $50 with my $10 off coupon, that's an extra 20% off - or about $6 for a pack of 34 Size 4 diapers. That's 17.6 cents a diaper. I'm happy with Luvs. I know not as great as Huggies, but they work well for us. They have a case of 180 Size 4 Luvs at BJ's for $29.99. But there is a $5 off BJ's coupon and I can use that $1 off one from the interwebz. So $23.99 for a case of 180 - Making each Luvs diaper 13.3 cents. So you might think "What's the big deal - it's a 4 cent difference." But over 180 diapers, it's a savings of $7.74.

I may grab some Tylenol with the $3/2 coupons that were in the paper recently. Possibly some children's vitamins but I might grab those at BJ's (Flintstones have a $3 BJ's coupon and a $1/1 MFC from the paper recently) or Shaw's (Shaw's Equaline is on sale this week).


Michelle said...

Becky, have you tried the CVS brand of diapers? After 8 straight years of kids in diapers, we like the CVS brand the best. Even the pull-ups. They often go on sale buy 1, get one 50% off. I remember when they'd go on sale for BOGO, but haven't seen that in a long time. I do like Pampers, but I'd only buy if they were giving them away. Hate Huggies.

Lori said...

Becky do you want my Luv's BJ's coupons? I still have all those papers too.

Bargain Becky said...

Hello Lori! I guess I never responded to that email! Sure - we can swap BJ's coupons! I only use the Luvs and you can have my Pampers and whatever else you want out of there. So sorry you still have those newspapers! I will take them (or you can toss them if you don't want to deal with them!).

Bargain Becky said...

Michelle - Honestly, I don't like the CVS brand! I do like the Playskool brand though - I think they might be discontinuing them. I still haven't made it to CVS yet - both my kids fell asleep in the car. Maybe after the husband gets home!