Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Garden Has Some Color!

As most know - here in MA, it's been doing nothing but rain for the past who knows how long. I braved the sprinkling to take pictures today.

Here is my beloved Gretchen. She had another flower below that one, but there was a bug on it, so I went to flick it off and when I flicked, the flower flicked off too. I'm so sorry Gretchen! Gretchen also has some bird poop on her.

These are the Grape Tomatoes I planted from seeds. I honestly don't think these are going to take. We'll see.

Here a few tomatoes and my miracle cucumbers. I swear, these cucumbers were dead and then all of the sudden, there was life again.

And I can't forget about my butt shaped tomato. Mr. Butt is growing well. Even though he looks like a butt.

I thought I took a picture of our pumpkins (doing great!)...but I guess I didn't. My watermelon are all gone. Carrots - yeah, that was a joke. Tomatoes aren't doing too hot - but they are still alive. The old owners left some tomato cages here. During one of the many rains, I went out to check on them and noticed they were a little droopy. So I threw those in really quickly.


Queenbuv3 said...

I live in MA too and I feel your pain. I JUST planted most of my seeds last week. The tomato and pepper plants that someone gave me still don't look as big as I think they should but at least I haven't killed them yet. We really need some sun!!!

Paula said...

Your garden is kicking butt..butt..lol..

My grape toms started that way too and they kept on going...so keep giving them some tlc.

Kate said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I've been visiting your blog for a few weeks and have gotten some great tips and information. (That's why you're on my blog roll.) :) It's too bad that you're too far from a Market Basket to make it feasible for you. They really do have amazing prices! (I'm one of the people who voted for MB in your poll.) ;)

MaryAnne said...

Your garden looks great, hope you get some great food from it!

pinupmomma said...

wish my tomatos looked like that!