Friday, June 12, 2009

Do You Know Someone in NY or Lower Fairfield County CT? - Steal Their Coupons!

I already pretty much knew this, but my mother also verified it (at none other than a Weight Watcher meeting). My mother is kind enough to mail me her coupons. The cool thing about this is not only do I get a double stash of coupons, but her coupons are MUCH BETTER! Why? I don't know - all I know is that NY and Lower Fairfield County have the same coupons as us other New Englanders - but the values are different.

For instance:

Breyers - I just got a $1/2 MFC. My mother's version was a .60/1 Doubles! - ($1.20 off 1 vs. .50 off 1.)
Ragu - I get $1/3 MFCs. My mother gets .30/1 -Doubles! (.60 off 1 vs .33 off 1)
Skippy - I get $1/2 MFCs. My mother gets .40/1 - Doubles! (.80 off 1 vs .50 off 1)
Klondike Bars - i get $1/2, My mother gets .75/1 - Doubles! ($1.50 off 1 vs .50 off 1)

Why does this happen? Again, I do not know! (Are there any coupon people out there who know??) I do know that they don't double coupons in NY. Maybe that's why? Well if you can get your hands on these coupons, they are much more valuable up here. I believe stores DO double under $1 in all of CT - so if you are in Fairfield County and get these coupons - you score big. My mother is saying that actual NY paper coupons are even better than her Fairfield County coupons so she's going to score me a NY paper - I'll see if they are even better!

I haven't seen Deal Finding Mom and Wicked Cool Deals post these coupons - and they are both in the central/northern part of CT - so I'm assuming they get the same coupons as us Massachusetts people.


JusFrugal said...

funny huh? I try to swap coupons with people in Florida and on the West Coast because I think their coupons are better... the cents off 1 vs the $1/2 we get in Mass.... and ironically enough most of them want my $1/2 coupons!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!
I am in Fairfield too. I will email you tomorrow with the Connecticut Post, Norwalk Hour and NY Times coupons so you can compare.

現在建築式™ said...
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SH said...

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Michelle@WickedCoolDeals said...

Hey Becky,

The coupons in CT are better! I get the Worcester Telegram (MA) and Hartford paper (CT) and always find the CT paper has much better coupons. As a matter of fact, I noticed this Sunday the CT SmartSource was actually heavier than the MA SmartSource! But I'm not getting the coupons your mom gets. I must be too far North - I am on the MA border and most stores here double coupons. But good tip. I may see if I can get my hands on a paper further South.

BECKY! said...

Yeah - my mother gets the CT Post delivered. She actually gets the coupons on Saturdays. It's odd.

Anonymous - you are actually in Fairfield? I spent a little time there.