Monday, June 15, 2009

Someone at BJ's & Costco - Listen Up!

Virtually every grocery and drug store have them. My library has them. Petco, Staples, Toys R Us - they all have them! Why can't BJ's & Costco? What am I talking about you ask? Membership cards that fit on your key ring! Really! I went out to a birthday party this past weekend and on the way home, we realized we needed juice, milk and bottled water. Of course I knew the only place we had to go - BJ's! But no. Why? Me, being the unorganized dummy that I am, left my BJ's card in the pants pocket of the pants I was wearing the last time I was at BJ's and didn't have my membership card with me. It made us divert to Walmart - and even though I only had 3 things I "needed", I completely forgot the milk. This is why I need grocery lists to go shopping. I also need a keyring card for BJ's!

I know this has nothing to do with bargains - I just felt the need to complain.


Queenbuv3 said...

I agree. Love the keyring tags. Have a bunch myself!

MaryAnne said...

I also agree - no more digging through your wallet to get in the front door!

Lori said...

You can just bring your license to customer service next time and they will print you out a pass :) but yes a key ring would be a good thing.