Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Want A Chance At Winning a $1,000 Gift Card for SHAW'S?!

So, I was looking through the Shaw's website - geeky I know. But I stumbled across a cool hidden sweepstakes!

Remember how the past few months they gave all us Shaw's shoppers "new and updated" rewards cards? Well if you have already registered your email address to print off the weekly coupons, you probably didn't even think of updating your profile with this new card number! Well do it this week! Why?...

Shaw's is having a sweepstakes - if you update your profile from 5/22 - 5/28, you'll automatically be entered to win a $1,000 Gift Card from Shaw's!!! Woooohooooo!!! If you click the "Get Inspired Sweepstakes" official rules (click HERE), you'll get all the legal babble. Here's my simple rundown:

1. You have to already have an account with Shaw's. You probably do if you print off their weekly coupons and get their emails. They officially call this the "Members Only Internet Coupon Club".

2. Sign in and put your Rewards Card number in your profile. Need help? Sign in HERE. Then you'll see a dark orange "Update My Profile" box in the upper right hand corner. Fill in all your information, including your card number and you'll be entered to win!

3. A Random drawing will be held June 5th. The winner will be notified by phone. However, there is no place to put your phone number in the "Update Your Profile" section. Hummmmm....I guess they have it from when we filled out that form? The Shaw's people should add that field to the profile page!

Well anyways - this isn't really advertised much - so if you're looking to kill 36 seconds of your day, update your online profile with your card number and you could get $1,000 in free groceries! Woo hooo!!!!


Kris said...


Mine did have a spot to put my phone number. It's down on the bottom, not one of the required sections though.

I did a BJs run today and they do have the $4/1 coupons for the Mr. Clean. I only used one though with my BoGo coupon (it says one per customer and transaction on the back). Two boxes of 10 erasers each for $5.99! That's a good deal.

BECKY! said...

Hey Kris!

Okay - I just checked the Shaw's site in 2 different browsers and there is no phone number field! Oh well. Maybe I'll email customer care to have them manually enter my # to my profile. For some reason, I have convinced myself I am going to win this gift card. DWEEB!!

Thanks for the tip on the Magic Erasers! I love those things! Even at $5.99 for 20, it's a steal! I do not promote coupon fraud! ;)