Thursday, May 28, 2009


Total Before Savings: $34.33
Total Coupons Used: $14.99
Cash OOP: $19.34
2 10-ct Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - $9.99 ea (1 $4/1 BJ's Coupon, BOGO Free MFC) $5.99 for both!
1.01 lbs LOL American Cheese - $3.52 ($1/1lbs MFC) $2.52
1 gallon of 1% Milk - $2.15
1 2 lbs pack of Strawberries - $3.99
1 2 pk of BJ's Apple Juice - $4.69

- Oops. I forgot to put the apple juice in with the picture. So it got it's own.

- I just had to do the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Deal. Good thing I went yesterday afternoon - the $4/1 Mr. Clean Product BJ's coupon expired 5/27! Whoo! Thanks Kris for commenting on my blog about it yesterday! You re-inspired me to get up and go!

- This trip put me over my monthly goal - but not by much. I still have 4 more days of May, but I think I can survive without grocery shopping for those 4 days.

Any BJ's Freaks Out There?

I wish I could be a BJ's freak. I mean, I try to work the coupons there when I need stuff. My friend Lori seems to work a lot of good deals there. She told me about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser scenario a few days ago. She scored a 3 pack of Coppertone Sunscreen for wicked cheap since there was a $2 BJ's coupon and she printed 3 $3/1's of the internet some where.

I still, overall think I personally can score things cheaper in bulk at Shaw's - but every now and then something good pops up at BJ's. For instance, I rarely buy dry groceries at BJ's. Like ever. But I did do the Kraft Mac & Cheese last week because I thought it was a super good deal - but guess what? The 5 packs of Kraft Mac & Cheese are BOGO Free this coming week at Shaw's! It's probably the same price per box as my BJ's run. I'll see what the per box cost is with the sale and compare to BJ's this week...

What products do I think you can't go wrong with at BJ's (even with no coupons?)?

Milk - I promote BJ's milk too much! $2.15 for a gallon of 1% vs $3.69 at Shaw's. If you don't have a BJ's or Costco membership in MA, check your local Tedeschi's - they are pretty much around $2.59 a gallon.

Half & Half - $1.79 a quart ($3.58 half gallon) vs. $4.39 a half gallon at Shaw's

Land O' Lakes American Cheese - $3.49/lbs at the deli. The deli just opened up at my store so I'm excited about this one. Their deli meat all looks cheap too. LOL is on SALE at Shaw's for $4.99/lbs.

Bread - I get the Kids' Wonder Bread. It's basic old white sandwich bread but has some vitamins and nutrients chemically pressed in it. We don't really dig the whole wheat bread thing here. It's $3.39 for 2 loaves. I believe it's $2.99 at Shaw's. Or it was the last time I checked. I should really check it again...

Pineapples - huge, delicious and only $2.89. $3.99 at Shaw's.

Scotch Brite Sponges - a 15 pack is $9.59. Wait for the yearly BJ's coupons and match them up with MFCs to save even more. I don't know grocery store pricing on sponges off hand, but if I would have to guess, a 2-pack of Scotch Brite Sponges would probably run you about $3 normal price.

Glad Baggies - These are between $7.69 and $13.99ish. They have 4 "smaller boxes" in the big box. What does this mean? Take those $1/2 MFCs that come and use 2 of them to buy one big box. Double score if there happens to be a BJ's coupon out there floating around.

If you have good BJ's finds, let me know! I rarely have a chance to just "browse" in that store due to the 2 toddlers.


Heidi said...

I looked at some prices there one day... I agree with you that I can mostly get better deals at Shaw's. Here are a few I would consider:

Butter $1.55/lb (It's usually over $1.99/lb even at Market Basket)

Peanut Butter $7.39 for 2 big tubs ($7.99 at MB).

Whole Chicken .89/lb (comparable to MB)

Bananas .46/lb (.39-.49 at MB)

Definitely not worth making a special trip to BJs, but if you're already there, some things are worth it. (Assuming you have a ginormous storage area!)

BECKY! said...

Thanks Heidi! There are good deals to be had at BJ's/Costco but I guess you just have to know where they are.

I didn't even think of getting Butter at BJ's! Duh! Yeah, I think $1.99 a pound or under is a good price but I'll have to BJ's it up the next time I need some. Total Duh moment. I don't even think I ever even looked at butter at BJ's!

Kris said...

I make a weekly trip to BJs for only a few things. Actually, I think everything I get you already mentioned. Things that I get are:

Milk (we go through a ton of it here between the boys and the's so worth the trip to get it there because it's so cheap)

Cheese-again, my kids go through LOL cheese like nothing. I get 2 pounds a week, it's about 1/2 the price of the same crap at Shaws.

Bread-Seems to be cheaper than Shaws.

Grapes-not a huge savings, they are about $2 a pound at BJs. If they are on sale at Shaws I get them there....I don't get them every week just on occasion.


I've also never looked at butter at BJs...why haven't I?

Lori said...

We usually use I can't believe it is not butter and now it comes in two tubs at BJ's instead of one huge tub, so I have been getting it there. There is usually a bj's coupon and a coupon for $1.25 off 2tubs so combine those together it is a super deal. I forget the price but I think it is around $5 for the two tubs.

donna said...