Friday, April 17, 2009

Bargain Becky Trying to Be a Farmer!

I really am amazed by gardeners. It seems cool. My next door neighbor has a big garden that borders our property. So last year I thought I'd be all cool like him and plant tomatoes and peppers. End result? Mr. Neighbor had big beautiful tomato and squash plants. I had these dinky little things that looked more like overgrown weeds than anything. Gayle at The Grocery Cart Challenge wrote a great post about starting seeds indoors just a week ago. Click HERE to read it.

So I had intentions of using recyclables and potting soil. So I washed some stuff out and got the kids and headed to Lowe's. My 3 year-old picked out some seeds (although I boycotted most of his choices). But they started running around like crazy toddlers so I snatched them up and thought "there is no way I am going to be able to do this!" - but then a light shown down on a great product! This beautiful 72 pod seedling starter kit! I bought it! I mean, it was only $6.97 and the bag of potting soil I picked out was like $8.50 (I think I had a really big bag of it though) - so I went with ease. We ended up planting grape tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini.
I'm not sure if this will really be a "bargain" for me. I have started to turn the soil of where I will be planting these plants (if they ever sprout!). I am waging a silent vegetable war on my neighbor. Sure, he's like twice my age and has probably been gardening longer than I've been alive, but I can take him down! Our gardens are right next to each other so it will be easy for me to take comparison pictures! Boo ha ha ha!!!

Oh, and I fenced in the back corner of my yard to make a compost pile. I woke up with this need to be all eco-friendly the other day. I must have the Earth Day aura about me. Speaking of Eco-Friendly - if you haven't checked out EcOnomical Mom's blog you should do so! I just added her to my public blogroll, but have been reading her blog for a while now.

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