Friday, April 17, 2009


Total Before Savings: $35.68
Total Coupons Used: $0
Cash OOP: $26.68
2 loaves of Friehoffer's bread - $2.50 ea
2 packages of Kool-Aid 10 - $1.99 ea
1 Shaw's Light Grape Drink - $1.67
2 Adam & Eve Apple Juices - $1.67 ea
2.52 lbs of Green Grapes - $5.01
1 4.4 oz container of blueberries (not pictured) - $3.99
We stopped at the grocery store after our doctor appointments yesterday. I told my 3 year old he can have anything he wants as a treat. He picked blueberries. I tried to lure him to a .50 cent candy bar, but he was insistent on a healthy treat. So I tried to convince him what he really wanted was a banana. But no. He wanted blueberries - 3.99 for 4.4 oz = $27.50 a pound!!!
I went thirsty - and it showed. I grabbed 2 boxes of the KoolAid 10 (low calorie juice bags) just so I could have one. Why I needed 2 boxes is beyond me. I also saw the Grape Juice cocktail and had to have it.
I just think it's crazy how a quick stop for some essentials (and non-essentials) can cost $26! It just seems like a lot of money for some fruit, bread, milk and juice. It's the world we live in though.

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