Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random Shaw's Babble!

This is a great week at Shaw's!! This is a good week to give you a run down on how Shaw's Catalina's work when dollar amount is involved. I thought the "It's the pre-sale price that counts towards these deals that matters" was kind of an understood concept for readers of my blog, but talking to some people, I realized they have no idea what I am talking about.

Take your flyer. See the back? "Buy $25 of this ConAgra stuff, get a coupon for $10 OYNP." The system reads the pre-sale price. So in reality, you can buy like $16 worth of things and get your $10 OYNP coupon. If you use coupons, that $16 can actually fall below $10 and you STILL get your $10 OYNP coupon. I'm probably confusing you. Just go here: Deal Finding Mom. She is really good about posting what the good deals are each week. I like her because she doesn't list all the sale things - just things that are really good. She put most of the PRE-SALE prices on her blog for the ConAgra deal. Run with it.

Remember too! If you were lucky enough to go shopping Easter weekend, the register spit out a coupon ($10 off $75). The first coupon doesn't expire until THE 19th! - Which is Sunday! I thought it expired Thursday and I'm so glad I checked it when I made my list last night. I actually am going to use mine: the $75 is after all other coupons are used - so you kind of have to buy a lot. I'm going to do the meat deal and 2 ConAgra scenarios which is a big portion of the $75. Then my list includes some Gain, Yoplait yogurt, Shaw's American cheese, maple syrup, fruit, and a couple other random things. I think I have my post coupon (pre $10 off coupon) price at $78 (I left wiggle room since I heard the meat deal might actually ring up under $19.99 - plus, who knows how much fruit will actually be).

So if my "plan" goes smoothly, I'll spend $68 and get $20 OYNP on a bunch of stuff.

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