Thursday, March 19, 2009


I found another GREAT reason why I love Kohl's! I got lured into some midnight sale they had Saturday. It was save an extra 15% on your purchase for 5 hours. I pretty much just wanted to take advantage of this because I have had a credit on my Kohl's charge since before Christmas when I returned some gifts that I thought weren't good (but I already paid the bill!) When I was adding stuff to my online cart (we need new pillows, mattress pads, socks, etc) - I noticed that there was a code for free shipping! So I thought "Oh, it's probably like every other site where you can only enter one code." But we needed some of these things and I honestly did not want to go to the store with the kids to buy them.

So I go to check out - and I noticed that you can enter up to TWO PROMO CODES at! How amazing!! Maybe this is some known fact that I just never knew about, but I was excited about it! So not only did I get an extra 15% off sale prices, I got free shipping too! Oh, and the bonus kicker - you get 3% for going through!

Just passing on this lovely bit for all those who may not know. The only issue was that the Free Shipping code was for $75 or more. At first, my 15% off brought my total below $75 so I lost my free shipping (and was "charged" $15.99!). But I found a clearance sweater for myself that brought my discounted amount just over $75 - and gave me FREE SHIPPING!


Celeste said...

Plus, I got an email today offering 15% off your entire purchase on the 20th and 21st using the code: SAVE15PASS

Rachel @ Our Frugal Experiment said...

This is awesome. Kohl's is one of the few places I will shop for clothes these days. Keep up the good blogging!