Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shaw's Gift Cards - GOOD DEAL!

After thinking about this Shaw's gift card thing for a couple days and talking to some friends, I decided that YES! This is a good deal! Okay. Today is March 19th. If you're "normal", you probably spend about $150 a week to feed your family (if you don't have kids, it's probably less). So when you do your grocery shopping this weekend, stop at the Customer Service desk and get your $300 gift card - which is actually $330. Then, since the deal doesn't expire until April 15th, in 2 weeks when you use up your $300, do it again. Even if you aren't into coupons or whatnot, this is THE EASIEST WAY TO SAVE $60 IMAGINABLE.

I bought my gift card this morning and it was very easy! The customer service lady said there is a limit of 5 gift cards per card. Now granted, dropping $1,500 to get $1,650 worth of Shaw's gift cards isn't something everyone can or should do, but I think most of us can do this deal 2 or 3 times over the next month just with normal spending. It just takes 2 extra minutes to buy your gift card! How easy to make $30 in only 2 minutes!!!!

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Kris said...

I also thought this was a good deal. I got mine yesterday. I figure that my monthly grocery budget is $300 so it should last me over a month. Free money is always great money, especially when it is for groceries!