Thursday, March 5, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $20.97
Total Coupons Used:  $4
Total ECBs Used:  $8
Cash OOP:  .51 cents
ECBs Earned:  $4.00

1 Gillette Fusion Razor - $7.99 ($4/1 MFC) ($4 ECBs)
2 RoseArt Crayons - Reg. $1.49, Clearance .75 Cents!
2 RoseArt Markers - Reg. $2.99, Clearance $1.50 ea!

My original plan was to roll my ECBs on the Fusion and Carnation Instant Breakfast - but the CVS I went to was out of the Carnation.  I wanted to put crayons and markers in the kids' Easter Baskets this year - and this CVS had a ton of Crayola and RoseArt products on 50% clearance!  Woohoo!!  And yeah, I'm probably a bad mother for buying Easter gifts for the boys while they were with me, but I don't think they noticed.  I'm also a bad mother for leaving a bin of their crayons on the radiator and having them all melt into one big wax brick.  Oops.  

I'm adding this whole whopping .51 cents to my grocery total even though most isn't grocery.  Gifts are not included in my $5,000 goal - but the razor is!

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