Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spotlight: NH/VT Discount Shopping turned into Organic Food Babble!!

Katie, out in the VT/NH border area wanted to pass along some great shopping spots!  Katie has an issue that I think many have - she wants to eat organic/healthy but also stay on a budget.  Usually the word "organic" and "budget" don't appear together.  Katie recommends Stan's in Westmoreland, NH & Mr. G's Discount Food Warehouse in North Walpole, NH.  If you know of some bargain spots in your neck of New England, feel free to email me and let me know!  

I am the worst when it comes to "healthy" eating or anything organic.  Usually if I see something has the word "Organic" on it, I usually put it down and scout out something that says "Processed with Many, Many Chemicals".  I look like a deer in headlights whenever I step foot into a Whole Foods.  I don't even go down the "Wild Harvest" isle at Shaw's because it's just too healthy for me to even look at.   But I know most people prefer healthy or organic stuff, so where have you found great deals on organic or "healthy" stuff?  What things can people buy organically but still stay on budget?  And lastly, have you ever come across ANYTHING organic that was actually less expensive than something non-organic?  

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