Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The husband ran out of Coke and demanded more.  If I don't buy it, I know he'll just go to a convenience store everyday and drop at least $1.50 on a 20 oz bottle.  It's better to just buy the 12 packs.  I figured I'd do another CAT deal while I was there.  

Total Before Savings:  $48.64
Total Coupons Used:  $11.90
OYNP Coupons Used:  $10.00
Cash OOP:  $13.21
OYNP Earned:  $15.00

2 12 packs of Coke - $3.33 ea (2 $1/1 MFCs from MyCokeRewards) Plus $1.20 for deposit.
2.22 lbs of Cabbage - $1.75 ($1/1 Shaw's Coupon) .75!
5 lbs Potatoes - $3.99 ($1/1 Shaw's Coupon) $2.99!

Buy 10 Deal

2 Chex Mix Bars - $2.50 (2 .60/1 MFCs DOUBLE) $1.40 ea
1 Nature Valley Bars - $2.50 (.50/1 MFC Doubles) $1.50
3 Fruit Roll-up Stickerz - $2 ea (3 .50/1 MFCs DOUBLE) $1 ea
4 Fruit Snacks - $2 ea (2 $1/2 MFCs) $1.50 ea

OOP:  $13.30
OYNP Received:  $15.00

I'm not sure why I got the Nature Valley coupon ($1.50).  I only bought one box, but it still spit one out to me.  Since I bought 5 boxes or more of fruit snacks, my other CAT was $3.50.  

By the way, the Chex Mix Bars that are Turtle flavored are heaven!  They are like candy bars but without the "candy bar" name!  Between those and the Grands Biscuits, I'll be gaining some serious weight this next month!!


Ronell said...

Hey Becky! The Nature Valley bars and Chex Mix bars are mix and match! That's why you got the CAT for them...woo hoo! Now if only I could find a store with chex mix bars! lol. I still have 5 coupons for those and all of our stores only had a few here and there. Great trip by the way and I hear ya about the soda! He'd spend just as much on a small one!

BECKY! said...

Thanks! I love the Chex Mix Bars!!!!

Thanks for the Healthy Choice soup thing - I must be in a cloud because I haven't heard anything about that until I read your blog this afternoon!

Anabelle said...

I know all the coupons I print out on the websites have a big DO NOT DOUBLE thing on the top.. how do you get away from that? do they still double it for you at shaws?

BECKY! said...

Yeah Anabelle, all the coupons say that. The register just automatically doubles them. If they are entered manually, they sometimes don't double (depends on the cashier I think!). I usually have no problems with them scanning!

BECKY! said...

Oh and Anabelle - I forgot to mention - Some Shaw's do not double coupons :(. I know some out in the Worcester area don't. I know one in Boston doesn't.

Your best bet is to ask the customer service desk the next time you are in the store!