Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheap Diapers (Thanks to Swap Savers & Diapers.com)!

Cheryl at Swap Savers wrote up a great scenario to get Jumbo Packs of Pampers for $5.79 at Diapers.com!  Click HERE for details!  Many thanks to Cheryl for taking the time to write up the post!  

I actually did this order.  I have never ordered from Diapers.com before so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try them out.  $5.79 per pack is a pretty good price - I guess you could get them cheaper at CVS if they are on an ECBs deal - but the CVS diaper deals have been so blah lately.  

Here's the low down - First time customers get $10 off any order of $49 (and FREE SHIPPING!).  Buy 5 at the sale price of $10.99.  Pampers will give you $1 off (see Cheryl's post).  Then there is a Parents Magazine Mail-In-Rebate for $14.97.  5 packs of Pampers comes to $43.95 before the rebate and $28.98 after.  Huggies will run you $44.95 pre-rebate & $29.98 after.  

I'm pretty sure my 18 month old will be in diapers for well over a year, so I find it's good to stock up on diapers when the price is right.  I probably have about 450 diapers on hand now - but we'll use them!  Unfortunately, I had to add almost $29 to my monthly grocery tab!  But it's worth it I tell you!

Also - I went through Cashbaq.com to enter Diapers.com since they'll give me a rebate.  It's just a measly 1% (.43 cents!  Woohoo!), but hey, every cent counts!


BECKY! said...

I got my diapers less than 48 hours after I ordered! I hope my rebate comes as fast ;) Great service though and if I was in a pickle, I'd use them again!

Celeste said...

I did this deal today which I never would have known about were it not for Bargain Becky! Thank you!