Monday, February 16, 2009


We're kind of starting a tradition here.  When I was younger, my grandfather used to give me a really pretty decked out heart for Valentine's Day - but he'd always give it to me a couple days after Valentine's Day.  Why?  Because they were on clearance!  So we've (okay, I...) decided that our new tradition will be to go to CVS on February 15th and we can each pick out our own heart (at 50% off!).  My husband of course had to pick the largest heart he could find.  How can you blame him though?!  

Total Before Savings:  $53.70
Total Coupons Used:  $10.00
ECBs Used:  $10.00
Cash OOP:  $11.65
ECBs Earned:  $5.98

1 Huge Heart - Reg. $19.99, Sale $9.99
1 Normal Heart - Reg. $9.99, Sale $4.99
2 SpongeBob Hearts (not pictured) - Reg. $1.29 ea, Sale .65 ea

2 Colgate Totals - $2.99 ea (2 $1/1 MFCs) $1.99 ea ($2.99 ECBs on ea!)
3 Dole Fruit Bowls - 3/$5 (Filler to get to $30 - I think I have an MFC here for them but oh well).
1 Revlon Pencil Sharpener (needed!) - $4.39 ($2/1 CVS Coupon, $1/1 MFC)

When we got to the store, I scanned my card at the coupon center and a $5/$30 popped out!  Woohooo!  I knew we were buying a bunch of candy and I needed the Pencil Sharpener.  So I needed to get to $30 so I could use this coupon since I was going to be spending close to $30 anyways.   That's where the Dole Fruits came in.  Even with no MFC, it's a pretty good price.

Also, I wanted to point out something.  The husband was with me at the store.  There was the Revlon sharpener for $4.39 and a CVS sharpener for $2.49.  He says "Just get the CVS one, it's cheaper!".  But I showed him my CVS coupon for $2 off any Revlon Beauty tool coupon and my $1 off any Revlon Beauty tool MFC.  So my $4.39 Revlon sharpener became $1.39.  Cheaper than the CVS brand.  He only wishes he could be as awesome as me.  


Leslie said...

My father and I used to do the the day after V-day thing too. We also did it on Easter. (I'm talking about 50 years ago here...)

Is there a Market Basket Supermarket near you? They're a whole lot cheaper than Shaws.

BECKY! said...

No Market Baskets here on the South Shore. At least none that I know of! There weren't any in Metro West either!

GG said...

Yes, my darling daughter, Valentine hearts on clearance are a family tradition that has been passed on through generations now! When I was small, Grandfather always got me a fancy heart - on Feb. 15th. You used to be able to get really fancy ones - satin covered with ruffled lace and a real plastic rose! I thought they were beautiful!

BECKY! said...

Yes GG! I remember him giving big fancy pink ones! Maybe it was just once, but it is a fond memory. Maybe Grandpa Tard is the reason that I feel the need to be a bargain hunter!

*~*Lis*~* said...

hubby and I decided this year that's going to be our new tradition - go buy V-day stuff a few days after :)