Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shaw's & Proctor & Gamble!

Just a reminder - especially if you did Shaw's runs last week!  You can send in your receipts containing $50 of P&G items from 12/14-1/31 and they'll send you a coupon book with $120 worth of coupons in it!  

Click HERE for items included (like Pampers and Bounty!) and a link to the request form.  I already mailed in my request the week before the Shaw's deal, but I added up all my P&G items from Shaw's and I had $134.44 worth to circle on my receipts!  That's almost 3 more requests worth!   

Also just a note - that total is Post-Sale but Pre-Coupon amount.  You just have to circle the items and the price.  Shaw's always puts the coupons somewhere else on the receipt.  

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