Saturday, January 10, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $60.43
Total Coupons Used: $7.50
Tax Rebate:  $2.11
Total OYNP Coupons Used:  $15.00
Cash OOP:  $19.04

I ran in for Apple Juice.  My kids are addicted to it.  Thankfully I still dilute it but we go through it like it's water.  I tried getting that Free Milk Coupon by purchasing one of those "New" GM cereals - it didn't work.  Must be a typo.

1 Viva 8 Roll - $9.88 ($4/1 MFC)
2 Plumrose Bacon - BOGO @ $4.99 ($1/2 Shaw's Coupon)
1 Banana Nut Cheerios - $2.50 (.75/1 MFC DOUBLES)
3 Shaw's Apple Juice - 3/$5
1 Iceburg Lettuce - $1.79
1 Box of Clementines - $3.99 (4 Day Sale)
1/2 lbs Shaw's American Cheese - $3.05 (rip off)
1 lbs Shaw's Roast Beef - Sale $6.99 lb ($7.41)
1 lbs Margarita Salami - Sale $4.99 lb ($5.04) ($1/1 lbs MFC at Deli Counter)

Overall, not great.  The husband has been asking for deli meat - and that alone ran me $14.50 and I got things on sale and had a coupon.  I only did the Viva because I would have punched myself if I let a $4 coupon go to waste (bad, I know).   Still, a 68% savings between Shaw's sales and coupons I used.  Not bad.  

Thanks to Mommysnacks at, I am tracking my grocery spending this year.  I usually average about $70 a week at Shaw's but I never take into account my random BJ's purchases as well as WalMart or Target excursions on household products.  This year, I'm trying to see if I can spend less than $5,000 on our groceries, beauty and household items.  Diapers included.  

If you want to track your spending, there is a great spreadsheet MommySnacks is sharing.  Click HERE to download your own spreadsheet.  Many thanks to MommySnacks for sharing such a wonderful thing!


Ronell said...

Isn't it ridiculous how much their lunchmeat and cheese is! I can never justify purchasing that stuff I hate it. lol. Anyway some people have been saying that they bring their receipt and flyer to CS and they have been giving them the $4.50 for buying one cereal. And some people have been saying that their store has flyers up stating that you need to buy 4. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Still a good deal though spend $4 AC and get $4.50 back. The milk cats scan and take the full $4.50 off.

BECKY! said...

I am never getting lunch meat at Shaw' again! I will find some place else!!

Thanks for the heads up on the cereal! I knew it was too good to be true!!!