Saturday, November 22, 2008


My husband sprung me loose last night for some bargain huntin'! Woohoo!

I stopped at CVS to do the Glade deal. I was "losing" about $1.50 on the deal but I'm in love with the Apple Cinnamon candles.

2 Glade Candles - $2.50 ea ($1.50/2 MFC)
2 Glade Glass Scents - $2.50 ea (2 $1/1 MFCs)

Total ECBs Used: $3.59
Total Cash OOP: $3.06
ECBs Earned: $5.00

But here is the BEST PART!! So since I'm alone, I walked around a little. Scanned my card at the Coupon Center/Price Checker. Low and behold I got a $10/$50 Coupon! WOOHOOO!! Expires Black Friday so I'm in HEAVEN. I'm honestly tearing in the store. So I calm down and go make my purchase. The last time I got a $10/$50 had to be about 2 years ago - when Son #1 was on formula. I miss the days of getting them after every purchase!

I put the Glades in my car and realized I scanned my husband's card and forgot to scan mine! I was in that much shock! So I walk back in and scan my card. The machine is making funny noises - the Coupons are jammed! So I asked the 2 teenage cashiers to help me. One is looking at me like I'm on drugs. The other kindly helps me out. Now granted the nice one is the one that just checked me out, so I'm probably looking extra shaddy to her. So she rescued my coupons from the machine - AND MY CARD ALSO GENERATED A $10/$50! I'm going to have to rework my Black Friday deals because this just throws a wonderful wrench into my plans!

Try YOUR card to see if you are one of the lucky ones too!! And if you need help trying to figure out how to spend $50 (pre coupon) at CVS - man - I can work up scenarios all day long! I love this stuff!

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