Friday, November 7, 2008


How I messed up CVS is beyond me! I pride myself in my work at CVS and for some reason today, I messed up! ARRRRG!

I have already bought $4 of the $10 needed for the $5 ECB When You Buy $10 in Hershey Candy. I had the two little rugrats with me there today so I picked up 2 Cadbury XL Bars and 4 Hershey XL Bars. It came to $6, I paid with $5 ECB and $1 cash (thinking I would get $5 ECB back) and I only got $2. Apparently the big bars on sale aren't part of that deal. I went in with the intention of buying those Hershey PB Santas at .50 cents each, but my CVS didn't have them. I should have picked up a flyer to double check my options but I had both of my toddlers kicking and screaming with me. Major bad move on my part! How dare I lose myself $3!! ;)

On the positive side, I can still get $6 in candy and get $5 ECB back. Also, I did score with a $2 off $10 Oral Care purchase coupon. I'm thinking of my scenario:

2 Oral-B Picks - 3.49 each with $2 ECB back on both. Plus I have 2 $1/1 MFCs.
1 Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste - $3.49 with $3.49 ECB back. 1 $1/1 MFC.

Total: $10.47
-$2 Off Your Purchase = $8.47
-$3 in MFCs = $5.57

Generates $7.49 in ECBs. Money Maker of $1.92. Now the problem is finding the toothpaste still in stock...

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