Sunday, March 24, 2013

Community Easter Egg Hunts - Why They Suck

I despise big, crazy Easter egg hunts. We've done Easter egg hunts at the house here with friends and have gone to friends' houses for them.  But the kids have never been to a huge one with a ton of eggs or kids.  I was reminded why I don't take them, yesterday, when my friend shared her experience at one recently.

So the rules at this Easter Egg Hunt were simple.  Each kid can get 4 eggs.  So she said there were a ton of kids who had a good 20-30 eggs.  And the parents were just like, "whatever" and some even cheering them on.  See, if I went to these things - I would want to slap these parents so hard.  And I don't want to be a news story.  "Homemaker Goes Crazy at Local Easter Egg Hunt."  That would be wonderful.  What is so hard about telling your kid, "Hey Dummy - you're 10 years old.  You heard the lady say 4 (FOUR!) eggs.  Go put them back."  Okay, you can leave out calling your precious offspring, "dummy".  But you know what I mean.  Because if you don't do that, what are you teaching them?

-  It's okay to break rules.  Who cares what adults say?

-  It's okay to take what YOU want.  Who cares if there isn't enough for others.

-  More is better.  

-  Greed.

-  If you're a jerk as a kid, you'll probably be a jerk as an adult.  

Her story reminded me of an Easter Egg Hunt that my grandfather took me to when I was probably 8 or 9.  There was no limit on eggs taken.  So I went out with my little basket and I was able to get 1 stupid egg.  Wonderful.   I felt like a loser.  But that's life.  You win some, you lose some.  Little did I know though, that the organizers had "special" eggs.  And my stupid, lonely egg had the number "1" on it.  So first they asked who had the egg with #3 on it.  They got a little prize.  Then #2.  Another prize.  Then #1.  That was ME!  So they handed over to me this gigantic chocolate bunny!  I was so thrilled!  It didn't really dawn on me at the time - but even though I only scored 1 egg at that hunt, it was the quality of egg that mattered - not the quantity.  Similar to how I want to live my life now as an adult.

You might be thinking, "it's just a stupid Easter egg hunt.  Who cares."  I don't know - this type of stuff irks the bejesus out of me.  And that, my friend, is why I think community Easter egg hunts suck.  But many thanks to all the churches, schools and community groups that host them.  You have more patience and understanding than I ever will.

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I was reminded why I don't take them, yesterday, when my friend shared her experience at one recently. easter egg hunt riddles