Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cheap Ink at ClickInks.com

First - I just want to say I love Staples.  I get so many great deals there.  However, when it comes to ink, I have to pass.

I have an old, crappy printer.  I use HP ink 92 (black) and 93 (color).  It's about 10 years old and still works, so why buy a new one?   Well for all my printing needs, if I went to Staples, 1 HP 93 costs $25.99.  But instead of doing that, I went to Clickinks.com and got 3 of them for less than $26!  How?

First, I went to EBATES.COM.  They give you 12.5% back on your purchase.  I buy the refurbished HP 93 cartridges and they run a deal on most run of the mill refurbished cartridges of "Buy 2, get 1 Free".  So I added that deal in my cart:

1 cartridge is $13.95.  So with the "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" deal the total for 3 is $27.90.  I used code Winter3 for 10% off which brings the subtotal to $25.11.  I get 12.5% of that back in Ebates so I'm now down to $21.97 and I paid $3.95 in shipping - so total cost out of pocket for 3 is $25.92.  Which is MUCH better than 1 cartridge for $25.99.  

I haven't had any issues using refurbished cartridges.  I think their quality and life is the same as regular, brand name ones.  So if you need cheap ink - check out Clinkinks' refurbished cartridges!

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