Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thinking Outside the Normal Storage Box

Sometimes you have to think outside the normal storage box for your storage solutions.  We have this old desk that we bought way back yonder that we managed to keep and have given to the son for a desk for his bedroom:

Organizing pencils, crayons and other kid stuff can be a challenge.  But we wanted to make use of the pull out drawer - I the last time I was at Ikea I picked up THIS CHEAP silverware holder - a whopping $1.99.

It's nothing fancy - just the Rationell Variera Cutlery tray.  It works perfect for storing desk stuff.  And at $1.99 - by far the cheapest desk storage system out there.  Maybe because it's not marketed as a desk storage system.  If you go to Staples (which I typically love) - all of their storage solutions cost an arm and a leg.  

So now all his art and homework supplies are neatly organized.  And on the cheap.  

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