Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Money Maker" Reminder - Gym Membership Health Insurance Rebate

If you live in Massachusetts, you have to have health insurance.  If you have a normal to good company/plan, a lot of them give you a rebate for gyms and/or Weight Watchers.  I'm not a member of Weight Watchers but I am of a gym.

So today I mailed in an easy rebate form with a sheet I asked my gym for - and in 4-6 weeks I should get a check for $150!  Thanks Blue Cross Blue Shield!  Our cut off to submit our "health and wellness" refunds is March 1st.

Check your plan (call them if you have no idea how to check your benefits).  Ask your gym.  I think Weight Watchers has an online form you can print off with your spending from the previous year on eTools.  That was the easiest $150 I ever made!

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