Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cut The Clutter! - Some Resources

Tis the season of spring cleaning and de-junking!  Here's some good options if you're trying to get rid of clutter but don't necessarily want to throw the stuff away:

Craig's List - Sell your stuff locally.  The person will come to your house (or designated meetup area) and give you some loot for things you have stored in your basement.  For the old timers, this is like a modern day version of "Bargain News" - but it's on the computer and it's all free.

FreeCycle - Give your stuff away instead of throwing it out!  

Ebay - Sell your stuff online!  I try to stick to higher value things that are lightweight to minimize shipping costs.  For instance, I just sold a 21 disk set of Baby Einstein videos for $71!!  Who knew I had $71 just sitting under my TV? - Sell your books and media online.  

Goodwill - Donate!  Remember to get your donation receipt to write it off your taxes!

Facebook Yard Sale Sites - Find a local yard sale group on everyone's favorite social media website.  

Other Charities:

Jordan's Furniture Belle of the Ball (Boston area) - Donate used prom or party dresses.  They'll be cleaned and given to girls this spring who can't afford to buy prom dresses.  

Cradles to Crayons (Boston and Philadelphia areas) - Donate all things baby and kid related.  

Brides Against Breast Cancer - Donate your wedding dress (from 2000 until present) by mailing it to OR (info on site).  They clean the dresses and sell them at shows.  Proceeds go to help fight breast cancer.  Unfortunately, there are no bridal shows scheduled for New England!

Kars 4 Kids - Donate your old piece of junk car for a tax write-off!  Might be a better move than trading it in.  And it's for a good cause. There are many organizations out there that take old cars.  This is just one of them (and the one with the most annoying jingle).

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