Sunday, November 11, 2012

Santa Shop Creations: Jingle Bell Earrings

The son's preschool is doing a Santa Shop.  They always do it - but this year, they are looking for donated crafts that the kids can buy instead of buying crap at Oriental Trading or the Dollar Tree.  So now, it's my mission to make a whole bunch of cheap crap that kids can enjoy buying for their families.

In the past, the school has kept everything really cheap - everything was .25 cents to $1.00.  So I'm assuming they are sticking to this plan.  I hope to whip up a bunch of stuff using things in my house and/or buying stuff on sale/for the cheap to donate.  I'm already having a crap load of fun.  I figured I would blog my stuff in case anyone out there is looking for cheap homemade christmas gifts for their own Santa Shop.  Also, my other son's primary school does this - but they contract out with a company and although I know it's meant to be fun and stuff for the kids - the stuff they buy is crap and it's pretty expensive considering and if the school ever decides to go a "donations" route - I'll have all my instructions and ideas here for me to come back to reference to.

My first project was Jingle Bell Earrings.  VERY EASY.

First I went to Michaels.  This weekend, there is a 25% off your total purchase coupon that can be used on sale items as well.  Jackpot!  

Here is my list of supplies:

1 55-count of Jingle Bells - Reg. $5.99, Sale $4.19.  $3.14 after 25% discount
1 60-count of Earring Hooks - Reg. $2.99.  $2.24 after 25% discount
1 20-yard roll of fish line - Reg. $1.49. $1.12 after 25% discount

Total OOP:  $6.50

Made 27 pairs of earrings or .24 cents per set.  Will probably be sold for .50 cents or $1.00 each.

This is really easy to do.  You just cut some fishing line and double knot the earring posts to the bells.  Tie them tight and trim the ends.  

To make "earring cards", I simply cut index cards that I already had in half.  Then I took a large safety pin and made 2 holes in them and inserted the earrings as if they were for sale at a store.  

There you have it.  My $6.50 in materials made 27 pairs of earrings.  Cheap & easy.  

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Anonymous said...

The earrings look great! You got a lot done for little money, good job!