Saturday, July 28, 2012

Teach Your Kid Time - for $1.99

I have a 6 year-old.  He's obsessed with numbers but was having a hard time figuring out clocks.  He just wasn't getting the whole "every number is 5 minutes" thing and quite honestly, I'm not the best lady to be trying to break thing down to basics for kids.

So we went to Ikea.  I bought a clock for him at a whopping $1.99.  When we got home, I wrote the minutes number with a Sharpie marker on it by the hour number and we looked at it and I tried to explain it more to him with the little hash marks.  It got a little easier for him:

I'm sure there are cheap clocks all over the place now for the Back-to-School sales - so don't feel the need to schlub it over to Ikea just for a cheap clock.  This is just a cheap idea that I'm passing along so your kid doesn't grow up to be a dummy and is forced to use digital clocks all the time because he never learned how to properly tell time.  You can thank me when he gets his acceptance into Harvard.


MaryAnne K said...

I got that same clock, for the exact same reason! You're ahead of me as far as actually using it goes, though!

Precious said...

Very clever!

Maggie @ Snag A Bargain said...

What a great idea! I will have to try that with my daughter!