Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Said I Wouldn't Do It - But I Did It

I said, many, many a time that I wouldn't do it this year - grow anything from seed.  Well....

I did it.  Marigolds & Pansies.  64 mini plants and 2 big hangers.

Total Cost:  $12.29

2 packs of bio-trays - $2.59 each
2 packs of seeds - $1.57 each
1 bag of potting soil - $3.97

It was just a fun thing to do with the kids.  I recycled two hanging planters that I had bought a few years back.  Here's hoping we get some flowers for the summer.  

In other garden news, I have expanded my garden.  I have to keep up with my Polish next-door neighbor.  I think I have more square footage than he does now, which means I am awesome.  He lets me borrow his tiller every year, so the husband will have to knock that out here in a few weeks.  Then, it will be off to a local nursery to buy some plants.  Will have to plot that out so I can conquer this year.

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