Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Organizing My Crap": To Organize My Crap, I Must Organize My Time

So yeah.  I've been trying to organize my crap and I'm failing miserably.  I have crap all over the place and have like 7 "projects" going on all at once.  I'm relaxing in my semi-clean living room right now, but nope. I see a stray Velma figurine peering at me from under the tv cabinet.  

My problem is that I am pretty sure I have ADD and I have absolutely no time management skills whatsoever.  It's not even the computer - I'll find myself sitting in a completely messy house reading a cookbook for no real reason.  In the middle of putting away laundry, I'll find an old issue of All You magazine and just start reading it.  So I'm going to try to power on the next week to figure out how the heck I waste so much time.  Maybe if I can find extra time in my schedule, I can actually finish and do the 101 random things I want to do around this place.  

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