Friday, February 24, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Transfer Money to Your Savings

I'm happy to report that I got my federal refund today.  It's like winning the lottery - but not really since it's our money that the government held onto all last year since we don't claim the proper deductions on W-2s. So when I saw it post into my checking, I immediately transferred about 90% of it to my savings account.  I left the rest because our oil tank is on 1/8th and I need to call them today.

Even though I have easy access to both checking and savings accounts, there's just an element of "don't touch our savings" in my head.  The only time I touch savings is when we're about to overdraft on our checking or if I need Keno money.  Those both seem like legitimately great reasons to tap into the savings.

So save money - hide your money in secret savings accounts so it seems that you don't have that much.  It works for me.  Well sometimes.

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