Monday, February 13, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Make Bread (?!)

So I've been on this bread making kick.  I have sourdough starter going that should be ready to work with tomorrow if I have a need for sourdough bread.  See:

Over the weekend, I made Challah bread:

So I'm left with the question of whether making your own bread is cost effective.  I bought enough yeast for $4 at BJ's to last what I think will be a lifetime (I think there is enough to make 120 loafs in the package).  I buy 10 lbs packages of flour at BJ's for $4.99.  Then you have to add in the eggs and butter if the recipe calls for it.  I guess overall, it is cost effective and if you do it right, can taste pretty decent.  Some of the more "artsy" breads at bakeries are pretty expensive.  You know - $4-$6 a loaf.  So we'll see.  Nothing can replace generic sandwich bread in my opinion.  And we really don't buy "artsy" bread - so I'm really not "saving" money.  I guess I just want my hips to grow really quickly.  The cold weather does that to a woman.

This post is partially inspired by the group challenge Precious started at Frugal Makes Cents.

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