Monday, February 13, 2012

Candy Cigarettes: 67% off!! Hurry! Only $7.95!

You know, some people think parents these days are too relaxed.  They let their kids grow up to be snots and over-privledged.  Nowadays, if you aren't French, you're doomed to raised brats.  That's the latest - The French are the only people who know how to properly raise children these days.  No seriously.  I read that on my Facebook newsfeed the other day.  French parents are good.  American parents suck.  Or something like that.

I have another theory why our kids are brats:  They don't know the glory that is Candy Cigarettes. But now - they can!  Regularly $24.99, you can buy a whole case for only $7.95 at Amazon.  Plus, if you spend $25 or more, you get free shipping.

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