Thursday, February 2, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Buy Valentine's Day Cards at the Dollar Tree

Holla for the Dolla!  Do you have kids?  Are they exchanging Valentine's Day cards at school?  Well check out your friendly Dollar Tree to buy cards for them to pass out.  Sure - you'll only save maybe $2 per box of love greetings - but if you have a bunch of kids - you might find yourself needing to buy a couple packs - and lets face it, most people just throw away all the cards after a while.

Since I'm Suzy Homemaker - I'm probably going to make my kids make cards out of construction paper and ribbon we have.  I'm just really wholesome like that.  But if I get lazy, I'm heading on up to the Dolla.  You might want to pick up these boxes now, as they'll likely sell out closer to the 14th.

This post is partially inspired by the group challenge Precious started at Frugal Makes Cents.

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