Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Hat: 25% off - $22.79

Plush Groundhog Day Hat

Did you wake up today feeling unprepared for Groundhog Day?  Did you want to wow the other moms at school drop off?  Well jump on this deal now for next year:  A Groundhog Day Hat.  Sold through Amazon, this hat will wow the socks off the other moms in the school yard.  That's right.  It's your turn to say "Yeah, I remembered Groundhog Day and you didn't.  I'm wearing my hat, I made my kids pancakes that looked like groundhogs and we're even eating roasted groundhog for dinner tonight!"  Yeah - you can be the cool mom this year.  Sorry - I should have posted this earlier so you could have been the cool mom this year - but I'm a slacker.

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