Saturday, February 11, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 41

Ooh.  Yesterday was rough.

Spent $4.25 at the Dolla for crap to tape to Valentine's Day cards.

Spent $15 at Michaels on a frame and some little things.  I'm going to get reimbursed with this though.

Spent.  Wait for it....$146 at BJ's on food.  YIKES!  Most of it was essentials - milk, bread, half & half, produce, meat, frozen meatballs.  Used over $20 in coupons.  My favorite was the Old El Paso coupon - buy any kit, get a case of refried beans for free.  Both were about $6 and some change.  I keep telling myself that we need a designated "taco night" for dinner - because who doesn't love Tacos??!!  I think I'll make Tuesdays "Taco Nights".  That way I have the "T" correlation.  But then again, Thursday is a T day too - so maybe I'll get confused.  Whatever.

So yeah.  Not a good day on the Occupy front - but again, I have to remember that I did still stick to my original goals - no material things and only spend money on food, gas and take-out/restaurants.

I'm already at spending $269 on groceries this month and it's only February 11th.  That sucks, but again - it's also sort of reality.

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