Saturday, February 4, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 34

I partied like a Rock Star and didn't spend any money yesterday.  I have to do a grocery trip today - in the month of January, we spend about $330 on groceries.  I logged $302, but I know the husband did a few "Honey pick up some milk & eggs on the way home" trips.  $330 sounds about right.

In fact, $330 kind of scares me because we ate out of our cabinets for most of the month.  Our refrigerator got pretty bare as did our freezer.  I'm back with averageness with stocking up crap.  Even CVS - I gots my $11.87 in ECB to spend next week.

My next "stock up" goal in mind (I like to have something to "go for") will be for the Taste of Weymouth. This is an annual event that attracts a bunch of people and they ask for donations to the food pantry.  I'm not all gung ho charity - but if I have something in the back of my mind to stock up for - I'm better at couponing and scoring good deals in general.  I'm a charity user.

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