Friday, January 27, 2012

Who Needs a Brest (like Breast, without the a) Friend? 29% Off!

So yeah.  I have two kids.  I tried to nurse them both.  Let me just tell you, nursing was not my strong suit.  I'm pretty much a poster child for why formula should be the #1 choice for babies - my kids are probably traumatized from their nursing experiences.  Some of my wonderful nursing memories include:

- The baby would pop off, and my boob would just keep squirting him in the eye.

- I'd nurse laying in bed (which didn't result in suffocation of my child) - well we'd both fall asleep and both wake up in a pool of leaked out milk.

- I've been known to sport a few leak spots in public.  I usually always had a coffee with me, so I'd just spill some coffee on my shirt and try to make my milk leakage blend in with coffee spillage.

- My son would make really weird noises while eating and quite frankly, it kind of grossed me out.  I probably gave him a lot of odd looks when I should have been smiling down all nicely to him like most mothers.

- Then I thought that freezing breast milk in ice cube trays was really cool.  I don't think my husband can ever look at ice cubes the same way now.  At one point, I was tempted to stick popsicle sticks in them, but apparently 4 month-olds can't really handle popsicles.  That put a kibosh on that idea.

I actually admire people who breastfeed in public because I could never be that coordinated (nor could my babies).  Maybe because my boobs are so small?  Even at home - I pretty much just had to whip my boobs out and chant "go, baby, go!"  But I think the real reason for my inability to be graceful at nursing was that I didn't have a Brest Friend.

My Brest Friend Original Pillow
You can nab this great nursing pillow for 29% off on Amazon.  It's normally $42, but on sale for $29.65 and qualifies for free shipping. Yeah, that's right.  Move on over Boppy - the Brest Friend is in town now!

I personally like the water bottle pouch on the side.  If I had a Brest Friend, I think I would have been better.  I mean, who doesn't want a nursing pillow with a water bottle holder?  I think that was the downfall of my nursing.  I didn't have that luxury.

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Erica @ Just Call Me Cheap said...

I had to laugh at the spraying breastmilk in the eye- I'm surprised my poor kids aren't blind. I always seemed too busy watching tv to pay attention to where the milk was going.

My current baby spit up on my husband and it got in his eye- he was freaking out because he said it stung and because he was totally grossed out that regurgitated breastmilk was in his eye. I thought it was kind of funny...